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Welcome to my new blog! :) This blog is going to be about the european royals. So if you like them, please follow :)

You can also ask me some questions to all of them and I will answear them if I can ;) If you have wishes for the blog, maybe specials or something else just tell me! :)

Have a nice day and thank you for reading!

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This is why I idolise them. I don’t idolise Louise because she is curvy like me, or Zoe because she is smaller and a size I would probably prefer to be. I idolise them because neither of them care. They are both confident about their weights, and they’re best friends. Louise accepts that she’s a bit bigger than Zoe and Zoe knows that being smaller doesn’t make her superior. She is refusing to let people idolise her because of her appearance.So much respect for these two beautiful women.